Working with clients’ staff and management teams, to help them recruit, retain, train and assess the best people, for the best internal and external customer service.

Let us introduce ourselves

Almost 20 years ago, Helen Bennett started Human Reality with one client. Today Human Reality has built an impressive client list of over forty organisations, almost all who could be described as “best in class” in their sector, with several having won many awards over the years. Human Reality has never advertised and all clients have always come through recommendation.

Helen is an associate member of the CIPD, an accredited Belbin Associate, has been a speaker at numerous conferences in the UK and Europe and published a number of articles. Human Reality’s focus has always been on designing and delivering training to organisations who are obsessed with customer service – whether that is internal or external. Thousands of staff all over the UK, Europe and USA have been trained in a host of subjects with one aim in mind – to improve either customer service levels, teamwork, the management of people and often all three. Add to that, the mystery customer programmes that we run and we have developed a very powerful model for continuous improvement in customer focussed organisations.

We call a spade a spade and do not fear being forthright in the name of customer service. That means we can be rather challenging for some people! During our work with clients we encourage staff and managers alike to communicate respectfully, honestly and transparently in order to move forward. Training and workshops are usually bespoke and aim to be stimulating, thought provoking, inspiring and fun. After all, who wants a boring training session?!

Why Human Reality?

We listen

Firstly we listen. And we usually understand your problems, because we’ve seen or experienced them before ourselves. If we have not seen the problem before, we view it as a challenge to be relished! We are not used to failure.

We probe, challenge and discuss

To uncover any underlying issues. We use a range of appropriate solutions and tools, to fix the problems – but we don’t reinvent the wheel. If we have a training course that would do the job with a few bespoke tweaks we will save our client spending uneccessarily and use it!

We build long term relationships with clients

We build long term relationships with clients, from the most junior staff members to Directors of the Board. Human Reality has developed a reputation that means they are treated and viewed by clients, their staff and managers as a part of their team – not simply another “external provider.”

We achieve what is needed

But according to clients, we say and do the right things and achieve what they need.

Sectors we work with

We work with a range of clients...