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Allen & Overy LLP

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Human Reality has been working with Allen & Overy on numerous projects around the business since 2008.  The first workshop was designed to encourage a “One Team” approach to their Business Services - the division that supports lawyers from 44 offices wolrdwide.  Over 500 staff and managers from 16 departments - including external contractors - were trained over a six month period.  A&O said it was the best feedback they had ever received about any course and it fundamentally changed the approach and behaviour of the people within Business Services.  This resulted in lawyers being able to spend more time on billable work.

In 2012, Human Reality used the Olympic theme to design a programme for the Business Services division again.  We took the five Olympic rings and made each one represent a competency required in staff who worked in Business Services.  We then put cross departmental teams together to compete with each other in a variety of “Olympic” races/tasks that required each of the five rings of competence.  Medals were given to the winning teams made up of staff from different departments.  Staff had an opportunity to practice and raise their levels of competence in the five key areas and had a lot of fun at the same time. They got to know each other very well during the training, meaning they could more easily call on each other for help and support in work tasks when they needed it, after the course was over.

Every year since 2008, Human Reality has been asked to provide Global Front of House Training to delegates from A&O’s 40 global offices, resulting in more consistent delivery of customer service worldwide.

"Working with Helen is a breath of fresh air. She really understands our business and works with us to develop bespoke training to meet the needs and challenges of our business. She just gets it and gets on with it and manages to deliver excellent outcomes every time. Feedback is always excellent; she has a common touch and is able to relate with people of all levels “

Paul King, Head of Hospitality Services

Roehampton Club

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After attending a presentation skills course that we ran for managers from clubs all over London,  the HR Manager of The Roehampton asked Human Reality to repeat it in house for a group of their managers.  It was so well received that we were asked to deliver supervisory skills and leadership training for senior management shortly afterwards.

"Thank you very much for taking the Leadership training for Team Leaders and Supervisors last Thursday. I received very good feedback, so would certainly like to consider running this again in the Autumn."

Susan Barton, HR Manager

Scottish Golf

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For a number of years Human Reality delivered customer service training on the CMAE’s Certified Club Management Development Course.  It was here where we emphasised the need for regular, structured and independent measurement of clubs’ customer service standards, which had already been identified by Scottish Golf as being inadequate.  Having piloted a Mystery Golfer Programme for a small number of golf clubs in Scotland in 2013, we have since worked with over 40 golf clubs in Scotland to deliver comprehensive and useful mystery golf assessments and feedback via our in depth reports.  The Club Secretaries, GM’s and Golf Pros have found the detail in our reports invaluable for giving targeted training to their teams.

"We are super excited about the mystery shopper element of our customer experience project Helen – thanks for being our Mystery Shopping expert – we have learned much."

Club Development Officer
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We have worked with Vacherin for the past four years, training a range of subjects for both managers and staff.  Vacherin had been using another training provider for a number of years, but the feedback about Human Reality’s training is that we are knowledgeable and very experienced in their sector, meaning we had that all important credibility that managers rightly look for in trainers. Vacherin have used the success of our training and the effect it has on their on site when tendering for and to help them win new contracts.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Helen for over five years. She simply "gets us." Her training style is great with lots of personal experiences talked about and she certainly knows the hospitality industry. Her training sessions are fun and informative and are some of the first to be filled. We see Helen as one of the team and our "go to" training person. I would recommend Helen to anyone. She was a great find for Vacherin.

Dale Thompson HR Director

The Møller Centre

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Human Reality has been training The Møller Centre staff and management teams for the past sixteen years.  During that time they have won numerous awards - both national and international - including all three Gold Awards at the MIT Awards Ceremony 2017, which we like to think is at least in part due to our uncompromising approach to the training they have received.  We ensure that customer service is in the DNA of everyone in the centre – that the culture, ethos and values are instilled at every opportunity.

We also contribute to their recruitment process and help to ensure that the teams are balanced for the highest performance possible.

In addition Helen delivers lectures on Belbin Team Development, on many of their own residential Executive Education Programmes and has trained in excess of 300 senior financial managers from China to date.

"Throughout this time, Helen has been more than a trainer and facilitator. Helen is part of the team. She knows our business, understands our people, has contributed to the development of our culture, while remaining professional, honest and impartial."

Gillian Secrett, CEO

Cambridge Vending

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For the past four years, we have been helping Cambridge Vending to prepare for and excel during an important period of growth.  With a combination of using Belbin team role reports, we have helped to ensure a more balanced team going forwar. We have also undertaken annual employee opinion surveys, training and advising on recruitment process as well as general HR consultancy around change management.

"Human Reality has enthusiastically helped lead us through a number of challenges as we have continued to grow. Helen's willingness to offer a shoulder to those who need it has demonstrated her HR skill is not just limited to the training session. Recruitment, annual staff opinion surveys, group and individual training sessions, Helen has professionally led us through these and more. From our experience anyone who employs staff or businesses who aspire to improve, Helen will offer support and guidance. For us this is not seen as an avoidable cost, but a worthwhile long-term investment. We employ talented people who aspire to improve and with support achieve greater results - one of the ingredients to make this happen is Helen Bennett."

Ian Sutcliffe, Chairman


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For the past 15yrs, Human reality has designed and run assessment centres for a number of senior positions.  The fact that the company still uses them 15yrs on is testament to their success.  The extensive use of Belbin for both individual profiling has been a crucial part of that recruitment process.

The ability to understand better both the individual and their role within a group has been eye opening for me as a leader and beneficial to the business. We have utilized the Belbin profiling as a recruitment tool, then a management and development tool for all senior managers with a positive impact.  As a team we better understand our working styles, needs and how we approach relationships and through Human Reality’s support and training in working with the Belbin material we have a framework for discussion that is both simple and effective."